Webinar Creating Curiosity

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Does your horse have trouble focusing in training? Does he sometimes seem to shut off from the situation or experience a lot of stress?

In the webinar “Creating Curiosity,” Rachael Draaisma helps us understand our horses better. She will show us how to use all the senses of horses to create a better relationship and activate your horse’s brain.

Rachael will talk about the horse’s nervous system, how to help horses that seem to shut down or end up in a “freeze. She will show us examples of creating curiosity, and how to use it to enrich your training. In addition, we will dive into the senses, how do you integrate them into your horse’s training?


In doing so, she will give examples of doing scentwork with horses. This searching for his own feed, we teach the horse. Literally.  Although I think the word -teach- is a bit strange in this. Why? Because the horse already has this ability within itself. All we try to do is give him the setting that he can perform this natural behavior again. And that he knows that this is allowed with a human present.

This is exactly what the webinar “Creating curiosity” is about. How can you begin to activate curiosity in your horse? We will dive into the nervous system, enrichment, scentwork, behavior and so much more… Are you joining?



How can you attend the webinar?

The webinar “Creating Curiosity” has been given on February 8 via Zoom. The webinar has a duration of approximately 90 minutes. It is possible to buy the recording until April 5th.


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You can sign up for the webinar through Rachael Draaisma’s website. The cost for the webinar is €29.95 for the single webinar.

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