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The Scentwork course will be available in 2024.

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What can you expect from the online course ‘Scentwork’?

Available in 2024

In three parts we’ll take you into the world of Scentwork with horses. The course mainly consists of videos so that you’ll be able to take away plenty of practical examples and explanations. The video material makes it a valuable addition to the book.


In the first part we’ll dive into what Scentwork is and how it can serve to improve the horse’s well-being, development, learning abilities, socialization and relationships with us humans. You’ll also learn more about the horse’s nose and biomechanics during Scentwork.


In Part 2 we’ll discuss how you can start Scentwork and other sensory enrichment exercises with your horse. How can you introduce these exercises? You’ll again receive practical examples and explanations.


In the last part we’ll look at case studies. How has Scentwork contributed to the development of horses that Rachaël has worked with in the past?

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