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Would you like to know more about Scentwork for horses? Then this online course is for you! With over 100 videos, you can delve deeply into the benefits of Scentwork and learn how to introduce it to your own horse directly from Rachaël Draaisma herself.

A wonderful addition to Rachaël’s book or lectures. 100+ new videos provide you a lot of amazing new insights into Scentwork.

Access to an online platform full of knowledge, images and videos allows you to really apply what you learn.

A valuable addition to the book ‘Scentwork for horses’ that has been sold worldwide.

Includes 100+ videos so you can learn in great detail from many different horses and situations

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Scentwork for horses

Scentwork is a new discipline within the horse-human field. Scentwork activities provide you the opportunity to offer sensory enrichment exercises to your horse at various levels of difficulty.

In this course you’ll learn more about how Scentwork can improve your horse’s well-being, development, learning ability, socialization and relationship with us humans.

Scentwork has many benefits for the horse, for their behaviour, brain development and body. But Scentwork for horses is just as enriching for us humans and can be seen as an exciting new discipline for both people and horses.

The book and the online course are a valuable combination and complement each other.
The theory and practice of Scentwork are really connected!

What exactly is Scentwork?

Why is it so important (and fun!) to integrate this into the handling and training of your horse?

Scentwork is so much more than a ‘fun game’ with your horse. You trigger curiosity, give the horse an opportunity to show their natural behaviour, offer a mental challenge, activate a positive influence in their physical condition, help them with any tension and so much more.

In a more practical sense, Scentwork can help you motivate the horse to be curious in new situations rather than feeling fear. It requires a different type of body use from your horse, which can help them in everyday life. It is a role reversal between you and your horse because the horse can do something that you cannot, namely tracking. I could go on like this for hours…

I hope that this course, in combination with the book, will show you how important sensory enrichment is for the horse’s well-being and mental state.

What can you expect from the online course ‘Scentwork’?

Available now!

In four parts we’ll take you into the world of Scentwork for horses. The course mainly consists of videos, so you’ll get lots of practical examples and explanations. The video material makes it a valuable addition to the book.

PART 1 – Brain, body and biology

In the first part you will delve into what Scentwork is and why it improves the horse’s welfare, development, learning ability and socialization, as well as the relationship with us humans. We start with a bit of theory on the brain, body and biology. How does the horse’s brain actually work? And which hormones play a role in tension, stress or relaxation? Why is mental stimulation so important? You’ll also learn more about the horse’s nose and biomechanics during tracking.

PART 2 – Exploration

In part 2 we move on to the practice, through Enriched environments. This literally means enriching the horse’s environment with objects. How can you build this up? Do you use treats or not? When do we see the urge to explore and when do we see fear? What choices could you make while exploring and so much more…

You’ll receive practical examples with different horses and different types of enriched environments.

PART 3 – Tracking & Treat Searches

We continue onto tracking and treat searches. Time for the horse to get searching! Why is tracking so effective? How do you activate the horse’s sense of smell? How do you lay a trail both at home and on unfamiliar terrain and how can you guide your horse through this?

PART 4 ​​– In-depth explanations

The final part offers more in-depth explanations. What challenges could you encounter on your trail, or during your treat search, and how can you help your horse? How could you use tracking under saddle? From a scent bag to a missing person. And we conclude with a number of examples of challenging behaviour, where tracking has had a great positive effect.

“Scentwork offers benefits for all horses, whether they are young or old, ridden or not, live outside in the field or spend a lot of time in the stable.”” 

During my training in recent years I have worked with a variety of horses of all ages. These are often domesticated horses that live their lives with 1 or 2 permanent owners. These horses are largely ridden, some for sport, others purely recreationally.

The common denominator? Scentwork offers benefits for all horses, whether they are young or old, ridden or not, live outside in the field or spend a lot of time in the stable. You’ll find out in great detail just what all these advantages are in the course!

You’ll receive access to the course for one year after purchase.

About Rachaël Draaisma

Drs. Rachaël Draaisma has been researching calming signals and body language of horses for years. She is also the founder of Scentwork for horses. Both disciplines ensure that Rachaël can optimally guide horses and owners in their daily activities, or when they might be facing challenges. Rachaël Draaisma’s work has been collected in two books that have been published worldwide and translated into several languages.

Rachaël travels through Europe and worldwide giving lectures, workshops and combined teaching weekends. Many universities and training centres are interested in her work. 

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