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Calming Signals of Horses to China

With excitement and gratitude I can announce that the Calming Signals of Horses will be launched in China these coming months. This will happen in two ways. Firstly I am invited to speak at the Second International Conference on Equine Science in Harbin China  this coming  August. Secondly my book

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Podcast up and running!

My first podcast (interview) is ready to be listened to! Topics are the Calming Signals of Horses, Using Enriched Environments and doing Scentwork with horses. It was wonderful and exciting to be doing a podcast. I was lucky to have Tracy Malone as host. She has already interviewed so many

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Dutch ladders ready

I took a bit, but here they are: two communication ladders in Dutch. You can download them copy right free from: https://calmingsignalsofhorses.com/downloadpage/ It is not allowed to change the ladders. The two communication ladders resulted from the ongoing study I started in 2013. More information about the study and the

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