WELKOM, lees op deze site over het onderzoek dat ik heb gedaan naar de kalmerende signalen van paarden. En de lezingen en workshops die ik geef om het welzijn, de socialisatie en training van paarden te verbeteren. WELCOME read more on this site on the study of the calming signals of horses. Read more on the lectures and workshops I give. To improve the welbeing, socialisation and training of horses.

First lecture on Equine Scentwork

Thank you  Suzanne Rogers from Learning about animals for inviting me to lecture on Calming signals and language signs of horses and equine mental stimulation and scentwork. It was exciting to be able to share my findings on equine scentwork. What a great audience. I loved your enthusiasm and eagerness

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Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – Finland

I feel so privileged being able to share the knowledge of my study, meet people and travel. Last weekend was no exception to that, when I was invited to lecture at Pori Finland. Initiator was Susanna Hämäläinen, organiser was Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK University) by Hanna Tuominen. The

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Vlog – Nosework for horses: the advantages

Enclosed my first Vlog on the advantages of doing Nosework with Horses. Starring Indy, in her 7th session to follow a scent trail and to find a hidden bag of food.

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