WELKOM, lees op deze site over het onderzoek dat ik heb gedaan naar de kalmerende signalen van paarden. En de lezingen en workshops die ik geef om het welzijn, de socialisatie en training van paarden te verbeteren. WELCOME read more on this site on the study of the calming signals of horses. Read more on the lectures and workshops I give. To improve the welbeing, socialisation and training of horses.

German ladders ready for downloading

Iris Starnberger has started the New Year productively. Apart from her regular work at her own company “Zuckerbrot”, she has also translated two of my communication ladders into German.  If you want to use these ladders, they can be downloaded copyright-free from my website at  Downloads In the chapter down

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Podcast: Calming signals: worth knowing and using

I feel very grateful to Horsemanship Journal and Theresa McCaffrey for making such an amazing podcast. Topic: Calming signals of Horses. What a beautiful narrative performance of Sarah Jane Rose Https://www.horsemanship-journal.com/horsemanship-audio

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Finnish ladders ready for down loading

With a big thank you to Susanna Hämäläinen and Nina Mäki-Kihniä for your efforts and perfectionism to find the exact right Finnish words, and ofcourse my publisher CRC Press, two of my communication ladders are translated into Finnish. The two communication ladders are ‘Fight-Flight’ and ‘Recovery after Tension and Shock’.

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