For everyone who wants to learn to understand the horse’s smallest signals

Would you love to not only learn more about calming signals, but also be able to recognize them? Then this is the online course for you! In over 50+ videos you will be able to observe the signals in detail and you will learn directly from Rachaël Draaisma herself.

A wonderful addition to Rachaël’s books or lectures. 50+ new videos will give you new insights into the Calming Signals and Scentwork.

Access to an online platform full of knowledge, images and videos that really allow you to apply the knowledge you’ve learned

A valuable addition to the book ‘Calming Signals’ which has already sold over 10,000 copies worldwide

Includes over 50+ videos which allow you to learn from many different horses and situations in detail

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Calming signals

Horses communicate continuously with their environment through body language and signals.

These signals are obvious for horses interacting and communicating with each other, but are sometimes so subtle that we humans don’t always notice them. Which is such a shame, because your horse is trying to communicate something to you.

“Through this online course I am able to recognize both calming signals and stress signals. This will help you immensely in both your horse’s handling and training!”

The books and the online course are a valuable addition to each other.
It truly connects the theory and practice of Calming Signals and Scentwork!

Online Course
Calming Signals

The online course Calming Signals will be available Soon.

The book and the course complement each other. If you don’t have the book (worth €34,95) yet, don’t worry, you can check the option to purchase it when ordering the online course.

Online Course
Calming Signals + Scentwork

Would you also like to purchase the Scentwork course directly? Now you can! You will not only be the first to get access, but you will also get a fantastic discount! If you don’t have the books (worth €69,90) yet, don’t worry, you can check the option to purchase them when ordering the online course.

What can you expect from the online course ‘Calming Signals’?

Available now!

In three parts we’ll dive into the world of Calming Signals. The course mainly consists of videos so that you can really learn to observe and analyse. The video material makes this such a valuable addition to the book.


In Part 1 the focus is on the Calming Signals themselves. What different signals are there, how can you recognize them individually and how can you use the communication ladder to learn to understand them?


In Part 2 we’ll zoom in on tension and stress. What signals should you learn to recognize? How does the principle of displacement behaviour work; and what if a horse no longer shows any signals and shuts down? Of course you will also use the communication ladder again in this chapter.


In the last part we will apply the calming and stress signals in practice. Case studies will allow you to really begin to put the calming signals into practice. How can you as a human being use them in your interactions with horses? We’ll cover all this and more!

The online courses will be accessible for one year after purchase.
Do you also purchase the Scentwork course? Then the year starts when the course Scentwork is launched!

What can you expect from the online course ‘Scentwork’?

Available in Spring 2024

In three parts we’ll take you into the world of Scentwork with horses. The course mainly consists of videos so that you’ll be able to take away plenty of practical examples and explanations. The video material makes it a valuable addition to the book.


In the first part we’ll dive into what Scentwork is and how it can serve to improve the horse’s well-being, development, learning abilities, socialization and relationships with us humans. You’ll also learn more about the horse’s nose and biomechanics during Scentwork.


In Part 2 we’ll discuss how you can start Scentwork and other sensory enrichment exercises with your horse. How can you introduce these exercises? You’ll again receive practical examples and explanations.


In the last part we’ll look at case studies. How has Scentwork contributed to the development of horses that Rachaël has worked with in the past?

About Rachaël Draaisma

Drs. Rachaël Draaisma has been researching Calming Signals and body language in horses for many years. She is also the founder of methodically implementing various scentwork exercises for horses with behavioural challenges. Both disciplines ensure that Rachaël can optimally guide horses and owners in their daily activities, through any challenges that may have risen. Rachaël Draaisma’s work has been bundled in two books that have been published worldwide and translated into several languages.

Rachaël travels across Europe and worldwide to give lectures, workshops and combined teaching weekends. Many universities and equine education institutions are interested in her work.

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