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What can you expect from the online course ‘Calming Signals’?

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In three parts we’ll dive into the world of Calming Signals. The course mainly consists of videos so that you can really learn to observe and analyse. The video material makes this such a valuable addition to the book.


In Part 1 the focus is on the Calming Signals themselves. What different signals are there, how can you recognize them individually and how can you use the communication ladder to learn to understand them?


In Part 2 we’ll zoom in on tension and stress. What signals should you learn to recognize? How does the principle of displacement behaviour work; and what if a horse no longer shows any signals and shuts down? Of course you will also use the communication ladder again in this chapter.


In the last part we will apply the calming and stress signals in practice. Case studies will allow you to really begin to put the calming signals into practice. How can you as a human being use them in your interactions with horses? We’ll cover all this and more!


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