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Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – Finland

I feel so privileged being able to share the knowledge of my study, meet people and travel. Last weekend was no exception to that, when I was invited to lecture at Pori Finland. Initiator was Susanna Hämäläinen, organiser was Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK University) by Hanna Tuominen. The audience consisted of a large group of veterinarian physiotherapists from SAMK University, a group of people who were very familiar with the calming signals of horses, having been taught them by Susanna Hämäläinen.  There were teachers (also from institutes), behaviour consultants, horse owners. But above all,  there were all horse lovers who are actively involved in finding new ways to improve their relationship, socialisation, communication and training of horses. There were a lot of indebt questions and great observations. And above all a great vibe. A very nice other personal touch for me was meeting Susanna Hämäläinen, Nina Mäki-Kihnia and Hanna Tuominen, persons I have been mailing with and working with for months and who I got to meet real life for the first time.  What a joy. Thank you so much Hanna Tuominen from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences  for the perfect organisation. Thank you Rita Peltola and Virpi Tunninen for taking pictures.


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Free download two ladders

Do you want to reproduce and use my communication ladders? You can now download two of them for free from my site. These are the communication ladders ‘Fight-Flight’ and ‘Recovery after Tension and Shock’.Just go to the sub header Downloads. There you will also find some background information and tips on the usage of the ladders. Available now is English.

The languages Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Finnish and Slovak are in the making and will be added soon. With gratitude towards the publisher (Alice Oven) and translators: Ewa Rumistrzewicz (Polish) , Angelica Hesselius (Swedish), Venya Kršňa (Slovak) and Nina Mäki-Kihniä and Susanna Hämäläinen (Finnish).






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Lecture Sweden and Austria

Time to look back on two wonderful weekends in March in Austria and Sweden. Both weekends was a  Rach(a)el’s on tour combination, at which  Rachel Bedingfield lectured on Emotions the Saturday and I would lecture on Calming Signals of horses the Sunday. Thank you to all attendants for the indepth discussions and your involvement. Thank you Patricia and Astou (from Austria) and Angelica and Carolina (from Sweden) for your organisation and taking so good care of us all.


































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Manchester lecture


Emotions and Calming signals, they do make a wonderful match. Back from a lecture in Manchester where I met so many wonderful people. Loved the questions, open atmosphere and conversations. I am so happy that the knowledge on Emotions and the Calming signals of are finding a place in your life with horses.  Thank you Connection Training Centre,  Rachel Bedingfield and all attending.




























































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Lecture Duffel, Belgium

“What a privilege to enthuse people on the Calming Signals of horses. Duffel Belgium, were I gave a lecture last Sunday was no exception.  The attendants were involved, asking questions. And during breaks there was time to get to know some people attending. Many thanks to organiser Inge Teblick and the chef of 42 Brasso, the location the lecture took place. The food and snacks were delicious.”






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Royal award for Turid Rugaas


A royal award: the King’s medal of Exceptional Merit in Norway from H.M. King Harald for my teacher Turid Rugaas. To honour her work and dedication to dogs over the past 40 years. It is so well deserved!
So many years of hard work and dedication to better the understanding of dogs and their lives. I am feeling so grateful to be able to learn from such an amazing woman.







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More insights for a better treatment due to Calming Signals Seminar


“While treating horses, I see many body signals. Due to the insights I gained at the Calming Signals Seminar, I am better able to interpret these signals.

During a treatment, a horse responds in various ways, showing me which areas are painful or create stress. Now, even more so than before, I adapt my treatment accordingly, making the treatment more pleasant for the horse.

Sometimes this allows me to achieve more than a therapist who does not take body signals into account. Very valuable!”

Nanne Boekholt – ICREO Equine Osteopath







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2nd print Book on market the 12th of January

Good news! The first print of my book has been sold out in 6 weeks. I am very happy that the calming signals of horses are so well received. However it does ask some patience from the people who have ordered a book and are still awaiting the delivery or want to order a book.  The 12th of January is the date that the second print will be in the warehouses of my publisher CRC Press. Then they will start posting the books that have been ordered. I hope my book will compensate the long wait.






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21th of January – Lecture in Belgium

The 21th of January I will be giving a lecture in Duffel, Belgium. The spoken language is Dutch. I am looking forward to it. Meeting new people, interacting. Also with organiser Inge Teblick, who herself wrote a special book “Denkwerk, of waarom paarden van leertheorie houden” that I hope will be translated in English.












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Book available

De kaft van Calming Signals of Horses

Do you want to know more about my study on language signs, calming signals, communication ladders and read background information and various tips. My book is available. You can order by opening this message and tap at CRC Press. Or order it at various bookstores and webstores in your own country.


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Communication ladders as assesment tool

Analysing 220 films image after image of over 40 domesticated horses while interacting with humans, has not only lead to studying calming signals, but also to the making of several communication ladders. These ladders show different tension levels and accompanying signals and features of how a horse may respond to stimuli in his environment. Only these signals and features that have been seen 35 times or more in different occasions have been included in the ladders. The ladders will help you recognise the tension level of your horse more easily. It enables you to improve the socialisation, wellbeing and training of your horse for it is easier to recognise, step in and avoid high stress levels.











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