Danish Communication ladder ready for free down loading

With gratitude and a big thank you to Ute Lehmann. Thanks to her my communication ladder is translated in yet another language: Danish. You can download the ladder copyright free from my website. https://calmingsignalsofhorses.com/downloadpage/

Ute Lehmann has been engaged fulltime in teaching and improving communication skills between humans and horses since 1996. She offers clinics and workshops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany, talking fluently Danish, English and German. Her work is based on friendly, reasonable communication and problem solving through wisely planned set ups. All students and equines are welcome and all lessons are given on an individual level.
Ute has published the books ‘In Harmoni med Hesten’ and ‘Kunsten at ride uden bid’ in Danish language and ‘Reiten ohne Gebiss’ in German language.

A start in Denmark: from left to right: Ute Lehmann, Rachaël Draaisma and Helle Knudsen

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