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The hard and soft cover version of my book Scentwork for Horses has arrived. What an incredible joyous feeling. How special it is to see it come to live in paper. While reading I am not just looking at this final version. All previous versions linger in my mind. The changes in texts I have made, the text lines that went smoothly and more difficult, graphs and pictures that were renewed. I try to ignore a typo mistake, because overall I am so so happy with the result.

I especially want to thank the following people for their help and support: Turid Rugaas, Anne Lill Kvam, Risë VanFleet, Tracie Faa-Thompson, Els Vidts, Nanne Boekholt, Ristin Olthof, Suzy Deurinck, Amber Batson, Julia Robertson, Nikki de Kerf, Méadhbh Ni Dhuinn, Gijs Timmers, Annemarie van der Wal, Esther Janssen, Martine Liefstingh, Henk Jan Nix, Ymke Michels, Laura Scholte, Susan Kjaergard, William and Astrid Janssen, Paul Stam, Sarah Strous, Alice Oven and my publisher CRC Press, my beloved family and above all thank you to the horses! I hope my book will be of great benefit and inspiration to horses and horselovers.

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