Lecture in England 13th of May 2017

Indy en Jadore

On the 13th of May, I will give a lecture on Calming signals of horses in England, East Sussex. Organiser is Pennie Clayton. Hosts are Tessa and Geoff Fox. Thank you for your involvement and hospitality.

The morning will be filled with theory, and the afternoon session practical work with the horses. The main topic is the calming signals of horses. These are signals that horses give when they want to calm themselves or when they find situations in the environment challenging.

By showing various photo and film clips taken of every day horse-horse and horse-human interactions I will show you what calming signals look like and when they occur. The multiple photo and film clips will help you to identify and recognise when and why calming signals are being used.

It will help you to see more accurately when your horse is tense or when he starts to relax. This enables you to optimise your relationship with your horse, your communication skills, help with socialisation programmes, and with your training.

After lunch there will be a practical session with horses, where you will be able to clearly see horses using calming signals “in real life”. Also Rachael will show you how to apply your knowledge of calming signals when working and living with horses.

This lecture is the outcome of a study I started 3 years ago in which I analysed in detail 225 films of domestic horses interacting with each other or with humans. If you are interested and you want to sign in for the lecture in East Sussex, please go to the facebook page of Pennie Clayton.

Or mail to info@horseandhoundschool.co.uk

Tickets are £ 45.00 per day and there are 20 places available. Advance booking only.

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