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A Snort and a Scare

Dear all, I just posted a film about snorting and a scare on my YouTube channel. Volume must be on while watching I hope you enjoy it.  

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Fingers crossed for proposal research funding

Fingers crossed for Nina Bien, Prof. Pim Martens, and me. Nina proposed for research funding to study the mechanisms underlying the efficacy of equine-assisted interventions in human mental health care. This will involve heart rate variability (HRV) measurements, obtained from both human patients as well as therapy horses, during their

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Lecture: How much fun are you?

I am very proud en happy to be able to organise this lecture. I find it a must for each coach, trainer and consultant, working with people and animals. The better we can reach the owner or handler,  the better we can help the animal. And Tracie Faa Thompson is

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