Speuren met Paarden


Dear all, my book Scentwork for Horses is at the publisher’s and is taken into production! It turned out to be an ideal mix of theory and practice with loads of pictures. I am so happy with it and can not wait to share it with you and have horses benefit from it. The aim is to have it on the market in December or if possible November this year. I will however in the coming months share some insights and topics from the book to fill the waiting time. If you already want to pre-order. The publisher offers a 20% discount untill the end of September. Just enter the code SCI20 (capital s,c,i and the letters 20). You can order from any country. Here is the link.


Here is the text that is on the back cover of the book

“This is the first practical guide on how to implement scentwork into the lives of domesticated horses, enhancing behaviour, welfare and the human-animal bond. Scentwork is a new discipline in the field for horse and handler, and expert author Rachaël Draaisma arms the reader with a pallet of information to enable them to put this technique into action. As well as theoretical background information on the nose of the horse and biomechanics, Draaisma discusses how scentwork improves the horse’s learning abilities, development, socialisation and their bond with the handler. Readers will learn how to have their horse explore their environment, participate in scentwork games and follow a footstep track to find a missing person or food bag.

Easily accessible for anybody working with horses at any level, scentwork can be done in small areas as well as in larger spaces on various surfaces. Whether veterinarian, behaviourist, trainer, animal-assisted therapist, equine physiotherapist, osteopath or interested horse owner, this book promises to bring both you and the horse enormous benefits, strengthening the human-animal bond”.