Slovakia: inspiring, calming and connected

What a wonderful weekend I had in beautiful Slovakia! Meeting old friend, making new. Sharing information with a curious and engaged audience, who asked thoughtful questions. Listening to an informative and inspiring lecture of Rachel Bedingfield on emotion and connection. Venya, thank you for doing such an excellent job on

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Lecture in England 13th of May 2017

On the 13th of May, I will give a lecture on Calming signals of horses in England, East Sussex. Organiser is Pennie Clayton. Hosts are Tessa and Geoff Fox. Thank you for your involvement and hospitality. The morning will be filled with theory, and the afternoon session practical work with

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Lecture in Bolney- England sold out

On Saturday the 26th of November I will be lecturing on calming signals of horses in Bolney England. Main topic are the calming signals of horses. With the help of various pictures and films the calming signals are explored in the morning. Answered are questions as: what are calming signals?

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