Free download two ladders

Do you want to reproduce and use my communication ladders? You can now download two of them for free from my site. These are the communication ladders ‘Fight-Flight’ and ‘Recovery after Tension and Shock’.Just go to the sub header Downloads. There you will also find some background information and tips

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Lecture Sweden and Austria

Time to look back on two wonderful weekends in March in Austria and Sweden. Both weekends was a  Rach(a)el’s on tour combination, at which  Rachel Bedingfield lectured on Emotions the Saturday and I would lecture on Calming Signals of horses the Sunday. Thank you to all attendants for the indepth

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Manchester lecture

………..One……….Two………..Smile! Emotions and Calming signals, they do make a wonderful match. Back from a lecture in Manchester where I met so many wonderful people. Loved the questions, open atmosphere and conversations. I am so happy that the knowledge on Emotions and the Calming signals of are finding a place in

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Lecture Duffel, Belgium

“What a privilege to enthuse people on the Calming Signals of horses. Duffel Belgium, were I gave a lecture last Sunday was no exception.  The attendants were involved, asking questions. And during breaks there was time to get to know some people attending. Many thanks to organiser Inge Teblick and

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Book available

De kaft van Calming Signals of Horses

Do you want to know more about my study on language signs, calming signals, communication ladders and read background information and various tips. My book is available. You can order by opening this message and tap at CRC Press. Or order it at various bookstores and webstores in your own

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