Horse empowering (re) socialisation

2- day’s filled with theory and practical sessions

These 2 days evolve around socialising and re-socialising horses. This may be:

  • young horses you are going to start up,
  • horses that need resocialisation because they show flight behaviour to specific or many stimuli around them.
  • horses that will undergo a change in life, for instance traveling, moving house, going to competitions
  • horses that have very little to no opportunities to explore and play in their life



Morning program:

In classroom: Assessment of emotional state of  horses. Looking at features and behaviours on a detailed level. How can we asses when they are in their comfort zone, when outside. If they experience tension, what level of tension is that? Many photos and films are being used to practice.

Goal: Set in a shorter time frame a baseline for assessing the horses wellbeing, motivation and tension level, in films and practical sessions of exploration and scentwork, we are going to see in the midday on Saturday and Sunday.


Midday program:

In classroom: short introduction why horse empowering socialisation (HES) is so needed. Followed by what you need to know about the horse and owner before getting started in practice. Followed by

Practical sessions with horses:

With a different variety of horses we establish a good starting point for the horse empowering socialisation. With each horses we make a setting that starts and stimulates their exploratory behaviour. We will we doing that by using scentwork & building customised enriched environments.

In classroom:  summary of the midday practical sessions.

Day 2: 

Morning Program:

In classroom: Diving into the world of exploration and scentwork. I talk about the effect it has on the development of the horse, his behaviour and brain,  How can you optimize exercises, what are pitfalls. How to use mental stimulation and scentwork as a primary tool when (re)socialising and training horses.


Midday Program:

Practical sessions with horses

In classroom:  summary of the midday practical sessions and take home messages.

When you have followed this weekend, you will:

  • You have a good starting point on how to get started with HES with your own horse.
  • You know the basic positive effects it has for your horse and you
  • You know pitfalls you have to keep in mind and ways to expand the explorative behaviour of your horse
  • Likely can’t wait to get started with your own horse.

General Information


For a full day:  between 750,- and 900,-  euro  (excluding VAT) depending on the travel distance.  Travel costs, sleeping accommodation and costs for food and drinks should be taken care of by the host.

Equipment needed

An overhead projector, a whiteboard or flip chart and a table and chair. The time table can vary, but never more than 8 hours per day, and ending no later than 6 pm. 

When working with horses, these horses are at home at the  venue the event is taking place. The number of attendants should be to that amount that the horses can handle them and viewers have good sight at the arena’s. The horse is always leading in the programs.