Thanks to the enormous efforts of translator and author Catherine Taks, my ladders and several articles have been translated into French.

They are:

  1. Calming signals: worthwhile knowing and using
  2. Are horses emotion eaters?
  3. Splitting: to protect and shield
  4. A fright every once in a while: is that really so terrible?
  5. Empower your horse: the power of mental stimulation and tracking
  6. Teach your horse to track

The articles have been or will be published on the French horse platform Planète cheval au naturel & Equitation durable (PCN). Many thanks to editor Mike Paulin.
You can download the ladders and the first four articles for free on my website via the following two links. The two last articles will follow suit.
For the ladders: Download page – Calming Signals of Horses & Scentwork for Horses

For the articles: Magazins – Calming Signals of Horses & Scentwork for Horses

You can also follow the PCN magazine on facebook by clicking on the following link 

Once again, many thanks to you Catherine! With your help we will reach even more people and therefore horses.