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Lectures & Workshops

You can invite Rachaël for lectures. The photo and films collected within the study play an important part in the lectures. Seeing and recognising is crucial. Rachaël lectures on the following subjects:


Lecture: The calming signals of horses

What are calming signals?

What do they look like?

When do we see them?

In what combinations of other signals do they occur?

How does increasing tension interact with the calming signals?

Hoe does decreasing tension interact with the calming signals?

Which other body characteristics and signals are recognisable?

Which calming signals can we copy to have a better understanding with our horse

How do we apply this knowledge of calming signals and other communicative skills when working and living with horses to better his welfare, socialisation and training.


Lecture:  Nosework & Enrichment for horses:Mental stimulation and empowerment as a tool in training:

During this lecture we will discuss how we can optimise the socialisation and (re)scialisation of our horse. How we can teach him to stand on his own feet and handle stimuli around him with a relaxed emotion without the help and control of a handler.

Rachaël uses two tools to make this happen: She builds customised enriched environments & she does scentwork with horses. During the lecture Rachaël shows many films and discusses the challenges to solve. To give you a good start when implementing this knowledge at home with your own horses. Rachaël also provides a theoretical background. Two small clips that mentions advantages:

“The horse has a well developed olfactory organ. He can search for objects by smell, or follow a scent trail. Not many riders or handlers use this quality. But letting your horse do nosework has a lot of advantages. Nosework has a good influence on the socialisation of a horse. By investigating he better understands the world. It empowers the horse. Nosework is a good exercise in concentration on the part of your horse. Nosework, tracking are natural abilities. It challenges the horse. It is satisfying. Nosework works is an extremely well to use tool for horses that are not able to move due to injury. And it is a fun activity to do together with your horse. During the workshop several nosework exercises are being offered.”

“Offering your horse an enriched environment, has many advantages. It enables your horse to investigate the objects, the world. He can investigate, make chooices. It stimulates his cognitive abilities. It reduces fear responses. It gives your horse a lot of pleasure. That is, if you offer the enriched environments in a right way. During this workshop the horse is not a follower, but plays a leading part. His boundries, and choices are the most important. This is by all means very opposite from the nowadays organised ‘scaretrials’ where a horse is led through scary obstacles where he has to follow his handler.”


the reading of Equine body features, language signs and calming signals is indispensible when doing this kind of mental stimulation with horses. This lecture is a logic sequel of the first lecture on Calming Signals of Horses.



For lecture & workshops within The Netherlands:   Full day: 600,- euro  –  (VAT is not included).

For lecture & workshops outside The Netherlands:   Full day: 600,- euro  –  Travel costs, sleeping accommodation and costs for food and drinks should be taken care of by the host.



Computer for use of an USB-stick and power point, a overhead projector, a whiteboard or flip chart and a table and chair. The time table can vary, but never more than 7 hours per day, and ending no later than 5 pm. When we have agreed upon a date and the type of talk/workshop you require I will need to know what kind of venue the lecture will be hosted. How many persons will approximately attend.  With what horses we perhaps work during a workshop. And how the possible outdoor space looks like, when working with horses.